My Impression

Way back in the year 2000 I was driving in far north Queensland Australia while on holidays.  I love takng photos.  Back at home I tried to be an artist and create  scenes from the photos. I am thinking of getting out the brushes again, maybe after Christmas.  I have found a good online tutor. My next scene is going to be a challenge, mountians and beach all done with the same colour  Raw Sienna.

A little farm house on a country road…..

Country House

A deserted beach…..The Beach

I should add that painting does not come into my artistic abilities.  My father enjoyed painting , the family have many of his pieces on the wall.   According to Frank Clarke at Simplypainting anyone can do it.  Frank Clarke makes painting a picture look so easy.

Serenity – Accept – Courage – Wisdom


I worked in Drug and Alcohol Detox / Rehabilitation for many years.  While working there I learned the Serenity Prayer that was used in Alcoholic  Anonymous Groups.

The prayer or statement can be used for any issue that you may be struggling with.

If you don’t believe in God you can use the term Higher Power, Cosmic Power or  whoever you believe in or worship.

To me it is a comforting statement which has helped me many times in my life.

Wishing a happy day for everyone reading this, be blessed my friends 🙂

Spiritual Friends Forever

Thanks for reading about my holiday and reconnection with my friend Geoff.  We had a wonderful time catching up, lots of chatting, laughter, adventure, good food and coffee.

We have decided to stay in contact and be what I would describe  as  “Spiritual Friends Forever”.


I will be honest and admit that I enjoyed the companionship of Geoff and the feeling of love from years ago came flooding back.   I said ‘we decided to be spiritual friends’.  Well it was Geoff that decided that. I  have accept his thoughts and what he wants out of his life.  Like me Geoff  has been living alone for many years, has become totally independent and now wants to keep it that way.  All I wanted was companionship and to be loved.   I would have been willing to remove emotional barriers and become close again.

I do accept Geoff’s  decision.  I will be his spiritual friend forever.

My Holiday….Part 5

Weather can be unpredictable, some days warm and some days chilly. My last adventure was to visit a place called OVERWROUGHT Garden Art ….Sculpture Garden and Gallery.  The company have been producing metal artwork for over ten years.  I wasn’t available to see the artwork being made but I believe it is done with a laser.


I would definitely recommend a visit to this gallery.

My Holiday….Part 4

I mentioned in Part 3 there is so much to see and do in Creswick.   It was a chilly morning but we didn’t let that stop us from getting out and about.

We decided to visit a woollen mill that has a focus on Alpacas.  I  had seen an Alpaca before apart from on the TV.  We arrived right on feeding time.  They are so cute and appear to be gentle and placid.  We also spotted sheep and goats.

Unfortunately the machines were not operating when we looked through the mill.  We browsed through the shop but didn’t need to buy anything.

The visit to see the Alpaca’s was great.  One more place to visit tomorrow….weather permitting.

My Holiday….Part 3

Never a dull moment. Plenty to do or do nothing at all.

Creswick & District U3A.   U3A stands for University of the Third Age.  If the first age is childhood and dependency, the second age is child-rearing and working, the third age is the time to pursue our own interests.   I belong to a U3A here in Brisbane and have attended classes on Pencil Drawing and Creative Writing.

The Creswick U3A is active and thriving well.   While on my holiday I learned the basis of playing Croquet . I had a quick 30 minute lesson and then played with three ladies, it was so much fun.


I also had the opportunity to attend a Yoga Class which I found beneficial and relaxing


Geoff and I took time one afternoon to meander around the Creswick pool and lakes.

One of the water areas is ok for fishing and swimming.


I took two photos of  an interesting memorial for Creswick Miners that lost their lives in 1882.



I also spotted this sculpture made from some sort of clay that sets like concrete and stands up to all weathers. Geoff did tell me the name the substance it is made from but I forgot.


Creswick has great community centre where lots of groups are held. It also has a community garden .


For such a small country town there is so much to see and do.