Wallet Skint – Shops Closed

Its amazing what you can create for a snack when you have no money or the shops are closed.

Take a look in your pantry.

Small tin of Tuna

Flour and a dash of baking powder


Seasoning of your choice

Parsley from pot plant outside my door

Mix together and cook for a few minutes either side.


Even more delicious with a side salad.

Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse is totally unacceptable.

  I have focussed on this subject today because I am only 67 years of age and have been abused by family psychologically and financially.  Sadly the abuse is still happening.  The good news is I have finally decided to get legal help. 

I may as well spell it  out and say what happened and is still happening.  A partner of one of daughter’s intimidated and treated me like a child for 21 years, he thought it funny. My daughter would tell him not to speak to mum like that but didn’t stop him was doing it.

He would walk into my house, check to see if the dusting was done and make comments like ‘don’t you ever do your dusting you f++ken woman’.  He would measure the lawn to see if it met his expectations and then have a go at me if it was too long.  When I was still working I booked a holiday for myself, I was accused of wasting money.  He wanted to take charge of my bank account just like he was doing with other family members including his mother’s. I didn’t allow that to happen. If  I made decisions without consulting him first my daughter would say that I should have spoken to him. I was the educated person in the family with a nursing degree, I treated like I was an idiot.

I couldn’t tolerate it anymore so I spoke up and asked for respect. I have been excluded from the family for the last 5 years.  I was called all the names under the sun and was verbally abused by my daughter. I tried to solve the issue and say how I felt but it made no difference. Her partner had always helped with me with practical things like moving furniture etc but had this habit of making fun of me in an intimidating way ….it was mental abuse big time.

Out of the kindness of my heart I  loaned  a son and his partner  a few thousand dollars so they could buy a house to live in. They did start to pay it back and then decided to block me from their lives because I had upset his sister and family. The payments for the loan stopped 12 months ago.

I am being punished for asking for respect.

I live alone in a rented duplex and survive on a fortnightly pension. i relied on my savings which I no longer have.

In hindsight I should have spoken up  about the psychological abuse as soon as it started and put a stop to it years ago.  I should never have loaned my savings to my son.

Elder Abuse can be classified under the following:

Psychological Abuse –  types of psychological abuse include being bullied, intimidated, harassed, being threatened, treated like a child, evicted from their home, stopped from seeing friends and family, prevented the right from thinking for themselves . The list goes on, there is much more.

Financial Abuse –  This often happens by family members and residential care services.  Older people are denied access to their bank accounts. Money is taken without their consent. They are forced to change their Will’s  / End of life requests. Family  / friends borrow money and don’t pay it back. That list also goes on and on.

Neglect – this happens when a person is prevented from accessing services they need, also not having their physical, medical or emotional needs met

Physical Abuse –  this happens when an older person is hit, pushed, smacked,  slapped, restrained in any way .  People especially family and carer’s  lose their patience or tolerant with older people and then the lash out.

Sexual Abuse –  older people are often sexually abused. If the sexual encounter is not consented to it therefore sexual abuse.

Sing – Sing A Song:

Singing is so good for you

Releases endorphins – endorphins instantly make you feel happier

Releases Oxytocin – natural stress reliever, helps alleviate feelings of depression and loneliness

Helps you to sleep better

Improves heart rate visibility – might even decrease risk of heart disease

Can help to prolong life

Boosts memory – learning new songs and music

Makes you creative – you might even start writing your own songs and music

Helps to promote good health and well-being, does appear to have healing effects.

Singing is a way of expressing yourself – it could be a love a song, or it could be county /rock.

Connects you to people – you might be singing at church, in a choir, busking, having fun at karaoke.

Singing is a great stress buster


I do love singing  and playing my guitar – its one of my passions.

Sing, sing a song, sing out loud the whole day long ……..  🙂

Old Photographs.

I have got numerous albums, scrapbook pages and boxes of photo’s dating back many years. I have uncluttered many things over the years so the family won’t need to deal with it. It is now time to deal with the photos.

My initial idea was to get four boxes one for each of my children and place the photos in the appropriate box.

Today I have changed mind . I have decided to keep up with technology, scan the photos and save them on individual USB sticks or onto disc’s.

Spreydon School P1 1955

Above is a photo of my first year at school. Looking at the photo I am the third one from the right in the front row, always tended to tilt my head to the right.  Sadly some of my school mates have passed on.

I did a google search and that’s where I got the bright idea to scan them. It will be a long tedious job for me but there is rush. I could of course go to Office Works and pay to have it all done for me.

The first thing to is sort through the photos and them into chronological order. Some photos will be disposed off and not even scanned.

Sentimental Clutter : Honour Your Past. Don’t Cling To It.

Being a crafty type of woman I am going to do a canvas collage of me with all my different hair styles over the years……what a laugh that be.

I have better get working…….lots of happy memories.