Concordia Choir

I am pleased to say I passed the audition yesterday and was accepted into the U3A  (University of the Third Age)  Concordia Choir.

I am a ‘natural alto’ but choose yesterday to sing with the soprano’s.  After returning home and looking over the sheets of music I had time to reflect and realised that I should stick to alto, much better for my vocal cords and voice range.


It truly was a wonderful feeling singing with the group.  The last time I sang with a group was when I was on a Christmas Cruise of the South Pacific in 2015.

Yesterday it was a pleasure to listen to the four-part harmony  – Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.

The songs we practised were:

She moved through the fair  (Irish Folksong)

Auld Lang Syne

Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring  (J.S.Bach 1685 – 1750) . We will be singing this arrangement in German and English

If You Want to Know Who We Are  ( Gilbert and Sullivan ).  Japanese – sung in the Mikado 1985 in Act 1.

We will be putting on a concert in November.


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