Concordia Choir

I am pleased to say I passed the audition yesterday and was accepted into the U3A  (University of the Third Age)  Concordia Choir.

I am a ‘natural alto’ but choose yesterday to sing with the soprano’s.  After returning home and looking over the sheets of music I had time to reflect and realised that I should stick to alto, much better for my vocal cords and voice range.


It truly was a wonderful feeling singing with the group.  The last time I sang with a group was when I was on a Christmas Cruise of the South Pacific in 2015.

Yesterday it was a pleasure to listen to the four-part harmony  – Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.

The songs we practised were:

She moved through the fair  (Irish Folksong)

Auld Lang Syne

Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring  (J.S.Bach 1685 – 1750) . We will be singing this arrangement in German and English

If You Want to Know Who We Are  ( Gilbert and Sullivan ).  Japanese – sung in the Mikado 1985 in Act 1.

We will be putting on a concert in November.


Happiness is your choice.

Lately I have across people who are sad and unhappy , this disturbs me.  I have been in that situation, I have been to hell and back and managed to find a solution and peace in my heart.

I have lived through an abusive childhood,  have been sexually abused as a child and as an adult, have lost a baby half way through the pregnancy, have had two mentally abusive marriages, also have lifelong medical issues.

I had four children.  They are all in their 40’s now. Two them have chosen to cut me out of their lives because I asked for respect.

I will not allow the past abuse to continue to hurt or control me. If thoughts do enter my mind that are negative I distract myself and push the thoughts away.  If I was to dwell on the negative I would be allowing the abusive person/people to keep controlling me.

Today I am happy and contented.

I felt compelled to share …..there is a solution and happiness is your choice.

I do understand that not everyone can experience happiness. I specifically give a mention to people who have Clinical Depression.  Blessings to them and also to the wonderful mental health teams that do their best to help.

I know that contentment and happiness is not easy for everyone, it is tough and hard to achieve and may not be achievable for some. I struggled for years to achieve what I have today.

Wishing everyone happiness in your life.



PS:  There is more that I will add , all this happened in my last place of employment.

I was repeatedly bullied at work by a male nurse and he got away with it.

I was threatened several times by patients that were in my care, they too got away with it.

I jarred my back at work while pushing a heavy trolley.  I already had a scoliosis of my spine  – the injury made it even worse. The specialist recommended that I stop work full-time or end up in a wheel chair for the rest of my life.  Management of the hospital gave me no support.  My career was now over.

For months I sat at home feeling sorry for myself and feeling miserable.  After a lot of hard work on myself I managed to crawl out of the black hole that I was in.

I had to accept what had happened to me, move on and make something positive out of a negative. I am so glad I did..


It’s a matter of choice – the light at the end of the tunnel / black hole.

light at end of tunnel


Ten Year Challenge

There is a crazy phase going on just now ‘ Ten Year Challenge’ using photos of yourself.  I haven’t  taken one so far  in 2019 and couldn’t find one from ten years ago so  I have posted one taken in 2003 which I like and a comical substitute one …well I have been told I am clown and should get into stand up comedy.

Have a lovely day and keep smiling 🙂

2019 Activities for a start ….

I am not one who makes New Year Resolutions.

I can’t say that 2018 was a wonderful year for me.   What I can say is I am looking forward to enjoying  good health and happiness in 2019.

I have enrolled in U3A  – A University of the Third Age . Learning for Leisure and Pleasure for Seniors.

It’s a place where you can learn new skills , make new friends, stimulate your mind and keep active.  There is a wide range of activities to choose from.

The activities I have chosen are :

  1. Art School – Beginners.  Two hour fortnightly classes.  Some of my readers already know that art is one of my passions.  The classes advance on to Intermediate, Advanced and Master Class.
  2. Choir.  I  love singing and wanted to join a choir. There are two choirs Kumbartcho Singers and Concordia Choir. Kumbartcho Singers cannot take on any more members just now because they go to Aged Care facilities to entertain and are restricted on room.  I was sad that I couldn’t join but there was another option the Concordia Choir which requires a basic audition.  I made the necessary enquiry and so far have been accepted for an audition on January 21st.  I have been in choirs at church in the past and also in a musical.  I didn’t tell them about karaoke because this choir is serious stuff and does four part harmony.  Apparently this year the Concordia Choir is going to be doing something different  – I will let you know when I find out.   I am so excited. The choir meets twice a month.

There are numerous other activities that I could have enquired about.  If the Art School goes well and I get accepted for the choir that will mean that I will be occupied for four days a month and each session is two hours.  That will leave me plenty of time to go to one-off activities and also the movies and lunch meetings with my bestie friend.




Being Creative

Several weeks ago I decided to try my hard at painting.   I have been watching  an artist on YouTube – Frank Clark.  The first painting needed to be done all one colour – a toning picture. I was pleasantly surprised and happy with my first attempt even though I didn’t have the correct type of bushes for the reeds at the bottom of the painting.

First Art Class

This afternoon I decided to try again.  The proportions and some of the colours are not quite right.   It was the first time I have tried painting trees since I was in primary school. I am happy with the sky and the mountains in the distance.

first attempt

I am looking forward to my next attempt.


My Spiritual Friend Forever Geoff  has some lost of hearing and needs to use hearing aids.  Geoff admits that he doesn’t always wear his hearing aids and sometimes misplace’s them.  Geoff  suggested that I share the following ‘misheard’ statements with you.

Geoff wrote…….  Misheards which have occurred to me ( with poor hearing) when not using hearing aids.

Tinned beans ( tight jeans) are bad for your health.

In spite of the drug scandal, he went for a private run with his son Abnormal ( as normal).

The Footy Show’s new woman is a new breeder. ( news reader)

At 3am a Garlic (garbage) truck driver found a body.

She was an orphan ( author) and a poet.

He had a really bad toothpaste. ( toupee)

This one is a bit rude !   Iraq will have its first national erection ( election)  Would be something to see !

The coach described the ballet ( melee) with the other team as an unfortunate occurrence.

A failed ( sail ) training ship.

A father who wanted to help his Taliban ( colour blind ) son.