Walking For Life

Early this morning before the heat of the day I started my new walking program.  I have had a right hip replacement,  have got arthritis in my left hip and also have a severe Scoliosis of my lower spine.  Walking has been recommended and also hydrotherapy.  I don’t  have a sea view but did find a good walking path that is open and safe.


On Day 1  managed a 25 minute walk.  The early bird catches the worm.


The safe walking path is a 200 metre walk from where I live, nice and handy. I didn’t drive there, the car belongs to a resident that lives by the park.


The walking track in the shape of an oval


I spotted a rest area, I wasn’t tempted to take a break.


Behind the trees in the distance there are other walking tracks that I could use. I did notice a few people cycling and two or three other walkers.


Writing is a my main passion.  My interests are not limited to writing as I do also enjoy arts and craft.  While out and about I am always observing interesting things that I could paint.  As far as painting goes I am a novice and really want to learn more.  I might even explore the idea of joining an art class.

Happy Days ahead for a fantastic 2019.

The Podiatrist told me to do it…..

Because of a severe scoliosis of my spine,  a hip replacement and one leg slightly shorter than the other I have to visit a Podiatrist  several times a year.  Today was my last visit for 2018.  My summer sandals that I have had for three years have worn out.  My runners/sneakers  that I bought about 10 years ago have also worn out.

The display of shoes at the Podiatrist looked interesting until I saw the price of them…..OUCH.

I left the Podiatrist and started to have a look at the shops to try to find something that was recommended and suitable for orthotics. This was history repeating itself because I had already looked a couple of weeks ago and found nothing I could afford.

I arrived back home with nothing except a couple of Christmas Gifts for family.

I don’t like to let life stress me out and often deal with it by adding some humour.

I went online and found a good pair of sandals that can accommodate orthotics, including postage $98AU.   I have bought clothes through the same  company on previous occasions  so I know they have a good return system.


City Girl Goes Out Country

I have just spent 3 days visiting my daughter at the cattle station in South West Queensland.   Rosie the dog is usually happy to see anyone that visits. Kahula is a 5-year-old Buckskin Filly…..still very young and is being trained by my daughter.  38 degree celsius , a dry heat and numerous flies  so I had to cover my face.  The area has been in a severe drought, we did get a good dose of rain while I was there and hopefully there will be more.


Serenity – Accept – Courage – Wisdom


I worked in Drug and Alcohol Detox / Rehabilitation for many years.  While working there I learned the Serenity Prayer that was used in Alcoholic  Anonymous Groups.

The prayer or statement can be used for any issue that you may be struggling with.

If you don’t believe in God you can use the term Higher Power, Cosmic Power or  whoever you believe in or worship.

To me it is a comforting statement which has helped me many times in my life.

Wishing a happy day for everyone reading this, be blessed my friends 🙂